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 Greater Portola Area Woodstove Changeout

  Start Date:   To Be Determined! 

(Check back after January 2016)

The Air District is administering a five-year voluntary residential wood stove replacement program to encourage owners to replace older wood stoves with cleaner burning devices and significantly improve air quality and public health in the Portola area. The Greater Portola Area Woodstove Changeout program will work with qualified residents and local retailers to change out old (pre-1992) woodstoves with newer models. This grant will take into consideration a resident's income and provide up to the full amount needed to purchase a new stove. This five year voluntary program is available to residents living within the Greater Portola area.  This includes most of the residents within the zip code of 96122 and the eastern portion of 96103. This program is only available to residents once they have completed an application on the District’s website and received approval and a voucher to present to District-approved woodstove retailers.       

The Air District will begin accepting applications in Early 2016.  If you are interested in this program, please continue to monitor the District’s website where all information, including the official start date of the program will be announced.

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Are you considering replacing your old, smoky woodstove for a cleaner burning appliance that will heat your home more efficiently with less fuel, money and time?     

If you are interested in the Greater Portola Area Woodstove Changeout Program, click here 


To view a map of the Portola Federal PM2.5 Non-Attainment area, click here.  If you want to view the non-attainment area using Google Earth, click here to download the kmz file .

To view real-time Air Quality Data for locations throughout the region click here. It is a Query tool that allows you to view both preliminary and official air quality data by selecting a time frame, an area of the state, and the type of report. Results can be clicked through for more detail. Additionally, if you would like to view the Air Quality Index for any given region in the country, then click on AirNow.


Fire Departments: fillable Violation Worksheet.

Check out the Air District's final budget for FY 15-16:

Budget for FY 15-16.