Carl Moyer Program

Call 530-274-9360 to inquire about CARL MOYER PROGRAM FUNDING. Ask for Joe at extension 103.

carl-moyer-imagesCarl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program provides incentive grants for cleaner-than-required engines, equipment and other sources of pollution providing early or extra emission reductions. Eligible projects include cleaner on-road, off-road and stationary agricultural pump engines. The program achieves near-term reductions in emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and reactive organic gas (ROG) which are necessary for California to meet its clean air commitments under the State Implementation Plan. NOx and ROG combine in the presence of sunlight to form ozone (smog), while PM, a component of diesel exhaust, has been identified as a toxic air contaminant by the Air Resources Board. Additional information can be found at the ARB website

The NSAQMD is seeking local public or private agency fleets in Nevada, Sierra and Plumas Counties interested in:

  • Purchasing new original equipment manufactured (OEM) low-emission or zero emission models that have substantially lower emissions than otherwise required (on-road only).
  • Replacing older engines with newer engines with substantially lower emissions (off-road only).
  • Retrofitting existing engines — Incorporation of a technology or process, which results in lower emissions from an existing engine.

Vehicles that may quality for funding:

  • On-road vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of greater than 14,000 pounds and a fleet size of 3 or less.
  • Off-road self-propelled vehicles with an engine rated at 50 horsepower or greater and considered a “small fleet”.
  • Agricultural pumping applications and agricultural off-road self-propelled vehicles with an engine rated at 50 horsepower or greater.

The widespread use of lower emission technologies can provide significant improvements to air quality; therefore, the NSAQMD is making available funding ($$$) to assist local operators to purchase such technologies. This program requires that purchasers of low-emission technologies apply for incentive approval prior to low-emission technology purchase.

If you have never received a check from the Air District or Nevada County, you must download and complete the Vendor Data Record Form. To download the Vendor Data Record Form, click here. (.pdf).

Any questions you might have should be directed to Joe Fish in our Grass Valley office at (530) 274-9360, ext 103 or