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Smoke from wood burning is responsible for the majority of air pollution in Portola and the surrounding areas. The Greater Portola Area has been designated by the US EPA as a federal nonattainment area, meaning that air pollution exceeds national and state standards for particulate matter (PM2.5)… smoke.

City of Portola Ordinance 354 requires registration of EPA certified wood burning heaters by July 1, 2020 for residents living within the City limits of the City of Portola. A mandatory curtailment of wood burning in wood burning devices that are not registered and EPA Phase II certified will go into effect January 1, 2021 during nonattainment days in the wintertime months. This program is commonly known as ‘Clear the Air; Check Before You Light’. A wintertime health advisory will be issued when weather forecasts indicate stagnant conditions keeping smoke in the breathing zone.

During a mandatory curtailment, wood burning is ONLY allowed in EPA certified wood burning heaters. No person shall operate a wood burning fireplace, wood-fired fire pit, wood-fired cookstove or uncertified wood burning heater within the City limits. Portola residents will be notified of a mandatory curtailment on this website, on an information line (530-832-4067) and by an ORANGE flag hanging along State Hwy 70 outside the Long Valley Charter School.

Below is an example of an indoor burn status notification. A Green notice means no burning restrictions. A Yellow notice will mean voluntary restrictions and an Orange notice (like the one below) will mean mandatory curtailment of wood burning in wood burning devices that are not registered and EPA Phase II certified.

Yellow Wood Stove Icon - Restricted BurningINDOOR BURN STATUS: Burn in Certified EPA Devices ONLY
When weather forecasts indicate stagnant conditions and smoke produced to heat homes will remain in the breathing zone, residents will be asked to refrain from burning in fireplaces and wood stoves that are not certified by the EPA.

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If you currently use an uncertified wood burning heater, please contact the Air District at 530-832-0102 to learn about grant funds available to upgrade to a new, EPA certified heating device.

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