Burning Info

Burn Day Status

If you’ve prepared your burn properly and obtained any required permits, check here on a daily basis for approved burn days.

Open Outdoor Burning

Learn about the guidelines and restrictions for outdoor burning, both residential and non-residential. Read in-depth here before starting your burn.

Burn Wise: Indoor Burning

Take care of yourself and your family’s health while protecting local air quality by learning how best to burn in your wood stove or fireplace. Find out more here.

Tips on Burning

Best practices for outdoor burns can be found here; save time, money and hassle by following these guidelines! Get more info here.

Alternatives to Burning

Consider these green alternatives to burning which benefit the environment and help preserve good air quality.

Do I Need a Burn Permit?

  • Any non-residential burning always requires an Air Pollution Permit from the Air District. If you have any doubts about your need for a permit, call the Grass Valley Office and ask for Joe or Sam.
  • If the local fire department tells you that you don’t need a burn permit, always double check with Joe or Sam at the Grass Valley office (530-274-9360).
  • For residential burning, cases vary so please see the Open Burning page or call the Air District for more information (530-274-9360).

Where can I get a burn permit?

If you live in western Nevada County and don’t know where to get a burn permit, check our Burn Permit info sheet for the fire station closest to you. If you live in eastern Nevada County call the Truckee Fire Department at (530) 582-7850 for info on obtaining a burn permit. If you live in Sierra or Plumas county either contact the Northern Air District Office or the local fire agency.  Most US Forest Service offices in Plumas County issue burn permits.